UTRAAN – Movie Review

UTRAAN – Movie Review


Roshan ,Roshini, imman Annachi in Utraan,  Imman Annachi,Vela Ramamoorthy,Kadhal Saravana  ,Mullai ,Ko tha ndam ,Prema Priya,Saravana Sakthi, Thavasi Raj , P. Ravi Shankar .Priyanka Nair ,Roshan Udayakumar  ,Aaru Bala,Cheran Raj .Madhusudhana Rao .Florent Pereira .Gaana Sudhagar  


Directer – Rajagajini ,Music – N.R. Raghunanthan,PRO – Riaz K AhmedCinematographer  -Holic Prabhu   


The director Rajagajini formulated a mere love script in this current situation, Tamil film industry has been getting updated by giving distinctive contents to drag the attention of the audiences. The director Rajagajini sampled the script with the new faces. The film “Uttraan” stuffed with the upcoming artists Roshan Udayakumar and Roshini Komali both were harmonizing their actings in the adequate way. Roshan and Sudhakar both are friends, they were studying in the same college Sudhakar’s sister take care of his brother Sudhakar and his friend Roshan and even she was a lecturer at their college. As usual, Roshan aggregate himself as a leadership of the college and parallel Roshan falls in love with Roshini, both were strong enough to struggle with the villain father of Roshini.

In a situation, Roshini misunderstanding of Roshan and both were getting disclosed in their relationship, Sudhakar’s sister Priyanka makes a justification for Roshan behavior and at the final Roshini realizing of Roshan. The separate lovers were rejoining together. But, in the forthcoming sequels, goes with the old format and the final touch was trying to impress the viewers. Immature screenplay with mature hero stuffed in the film, the new face hero Roshan Udayakumar proven his ability in his performances, Roshini doesn’t attract the audience and Priyanka given the best in her portions and other artists like Sudhakar, Imman Annachi Madhusudhanan Rao supports the script. On the technical side, N. R. Raghunanthan BGM was uttering out well. moderate content – struggling to impress.

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Movi Review-;

Utraan begins with two college students, a guy and a girl, falling in love at a men’s college. The girl’s father, a cop, tries to separate them with the help of a dreaded goon. How they protect their relationship is the rest of the story. The already wafer-thin plot is made worse by weak screenplay, unpleasant characters and a bizarre climax. The number of purposeless songs in the former half and shoddy making make it difficult to sit through the entire movie. Roshan Udayakumar, who played the protagonist, does a decent job, and Madhusudhan Rao, shines as the antagonist.Roshan Udayakumar and Ghana Sudhakar are both studying in college. Ghana Sudhakar’s aka Priyanka is a professor at the same college. Priyanka protects both Roshan Udayakumar and Ghana Sudhakar as her sons.Man who bravely faces anything, wins the college student election and wins.

As a result, Roshan’s enemies sprout. The big man Vella. Ravi Shankar, who is a big man in the area, defends Roshan.In the meantime, Roshan’s college is being converted into a two-pronged college. Roshan falls in love with the heroine Komali who comes to study there. Komali’s father Madhusudhanan opposes this. All these feuds together chase Roshan. How Man Deal With It. The remainder of what became of his love. Hero Roshan Udayakumar is a good introduction to Tamil. Dance, fighting and romance are all great performances. She is very good at acting. The heroine is gorgeous. The college student is pretty fit for the role.Roshan’s friends Gana Sudhakar, Gothandam, Madhumita and the villains as Vella. Ravishankar’s role in helping the college students is perfect. Priyanka, who is paired with him, expresses her performance through the eyes.’

Raja Ghajini tells about the changes in the life of a young man by falling in love with the college. In the first half, the image, the song, the celebration of the fun, the sentimental scenes in the second half. The film picks up pace as the climax gets closer.NR Raghunandan’s music makes all the songs enjoyable. The college songs that come in the first half make the play. Cinematography by Halik Duke.In total, UTRAAN the college of politics.

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Written By- T.H.PRASAD -B4U-Ratting-3 /5