At a time of extreme anxiety due to the grave COVID-19 pandemic raging across the globe,

K7 Computing Commits to Protect the Indian Cyberspace

At a time of extreme anxiety due to the grave COVID-19 pandemic raging across the globe,

Chennai, 30th March 2020: At a time of extreme anxiety due to the grave COVID-19 pandemic raging across the globe, leading to countless news articles and content on social media, a veritable opportunity for cybercriminals to wreak havoc, exploiting people’s fragile mental state and the vulnerabilities in the security protections of con sume rs and organisations. Cybercriminals have wasted no time in striking whilst the iron is hot. The plethora of cybe rsecurity incidents reported in several parts of the world based on the COVID-19 theme is proof of this.

Cybersecurity firm K7 Computing based in India has responded to the current crisis by committing to protect the public by giving its cybersecurity products for use at no cost. This is for laptops, des ktops and Android mobi les, and Endpoint Protection in the org anisations.

Kesavardhanan J, the founder of K7 Computing, said “We being the first product company in India, that started 30 years ago with a vision to give people complete digital peace of mind, would cont ribute for the cyber safety of all consumers and SME’s during this critical time. Our products which are internationally-acclaimed and certifi ed will keep users protected in the current omnipresent digital world. Users can visit our website to download these products” he added.

Under the current 21-day lockdown, thousands of businesses and millions of Indians have been forced to telew ork in the country, relying on the security of their internet connections to keep businesses and services running. As a result, the cybercitizen worldwide can be even more vulnerable to cyberattacks. The real-world telemetry data from K7 Labs for the period 02 Feb 2020 to 25 Mar 2020 shows that there is a 30% increase in cyber attacks with 1,756 blocked malicious instances specifically using the Covid-19 theme.

With an aim to ensure the cybersafety of the Indian population, the company has made its globally-popular and most-awarded cybersecurity product K7 Total Security and K7 Mobile Security completely free for individuals, and K7 Cloud Endpoint Security free for SMEs in the country for as long as required. We are also extending to this to every COVID affected country worldwide.

“Indian employees are suddenly working from home on unfamiliar or even unvetted equipment, raising the likeli hood of digital vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. Similarly, many organisations, particularly hospitals wh ich are under duress, are more likely to pay ransoms in the event of a ransomware attack. As a responsible cyber security protector of the country, we feel the need to ensure that everyone is safe in the cyber world. We don’t want cyberattacks to further impact the Indian economy, adding even more stress to individuals and SMEs acr oss every nook and corner of the country,” concluded by Mr. Kesavardhanan.

K7 Total Security has been awarded the Top Product rating on the last three tests carried out by AV-Test, an inte rnationally-respected cybersecurity product testing organisation based in Germany. It has also been rated as on e of the lightest products in the world which does not slowdown the computer by AV-Comparatives, another glo bally well-respected product testing organisation based in Austria.

K7’s endpoint protection solution is also certified and recom mended by AV-Comparatives, and K7 Mobile Security protects millions of satisfied users worldwide.

About K7 Computing

K7 Computing is a global provider of leading IT security solutions for enterprises and consumers. Incorporated in 1991, K7 Com puting has its registered office in Chennai and a strong presence in all Indian states. With more than 20,000 channel partners, K7 Computing is protecting more than 25 million customers worldwide against the threats to their IT environment. K7 Computing has always believed in offering completely indigenous sec urity products to its users worldwide. The recent notification from the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Infor mation Technology (MeitY) on procurement of 100% indigenous cyber security products establishes K7 Com puting as the only Indian player to comply with the Public Procurement Order 2018 for Cyber Security Pro ducts. 

K7 Computing was accepted as the first Indian anti-virus company in Japan, partnering with Source Next to dist ribute K7 Total Security under the name ‘Virus Security Zero’. Source Next Corporation is Japan’s top-most do mestic PC software seller with access to more than 25,000 retail shelves across the country. The widely accl aim ed product commands a major market share in the retail segment in Japan. K7 Computing has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 & 27001:2013 for Quality & Risk Management.

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