Azhagu Kutti Chellamâ Movie Review

 Azhagu Kutti Chellamâ Movie Review



Akhil,karunas,Thambi ramaiah,John Vijay,Suresh,Adukalam naren,MeeraKrishnan,Narayan,Jiaa,Riythivikka.

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Direction-Charles,Music -Ved Shankar,Sugavanam,Producer-Anthony



The film revolves around a group of school children who were in search of a child for thier drama about the birth of Jesus Christ. It is indeed a great responsibility for them, as they have to make their chief guest happy to continue getting funds for their charity funded Christian school.

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Also, the film showcases multiple characters who were linked to the significane of child. The rest of the film will show you whether they have succeded in staging their drama.


Movie Review-;

Azhagu Kutti Chellam’ has released This film has children and also new born kids in the lead roles. Antony, the producer and director of popular talk show ‘Neeya Nana’ steps into the big screen as the producer of this film.

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 Let’s see what the film has in store. The film is all about people from different backgrounds in need of a kids and what they do with two new born kids. A group of eighth standard students in a charity based Christian school win the opportunity to stage a drama about Jesus Christ’s birth on the Christmas day celebrations of the school. 

Baby Tejaswini

They are in search of a new-born kid to stage the drama. Among these children Murugu is brought up by an orphanage run by Thambi Ramiah. Parents of Jayan who pens the script for the drama, are heading for divorce.

 Another child in this group belongs to the family of Sri Lankan Tamils and his uncle and aunt who visit their home for holiday have lost their kid to the ethnic war in Lanka. Karunas is an auto driver who already has three girl daughters is desperate to have a son.


His wife gives birth to the fourth daughter and deserts the child fearing her husband’s wrath. On the other hand Girisha is a teenage Chess champion waiting for her boyfriend who has left to international chess championship tours after impregnating her. She gives birth to a son. 

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Apart from these there is Vinodhini, a teacher in the school who is yearning for a kid. The film is all about how these people from different backgrounds get connected by the two newborn toddlers and how their lives changes after that.

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The film does not have a lead actor or actors as such and it is a story of a plethora of characters a few of them are interrelated to each other in different ways. Such a storyline itself is new or very rare in Tamil cinema.



 But debutante director Charles should be appreciated for dealing a story with these many characters and presenting them ample detailing of the background of each character. But this meant that the entire or predominant part of first half be dedicated to the characters establishment.

 The main plot starts only in the second half after the two kids are born. And this half is more engaging and the emotional content works out fairly well in this part of the film.

 Written by : Avinash-B4U Media Rating : 2.75/5