‘Peigal Jaakirathai’ Movie Review

‘Peigal Jaakirathai’ Movie Review

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Jeeva Rathnam ,Eshanya as the lead roles along with Thambi Ramaiya, Rajendran, John Vijay ,Mano bala and many other s as the co-starrers.


Directed – Kanmani ,Music background scoring – Maria Jerald,lyrics – Madhan Karky and Viveka,Cinematography -Mallikarjun

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The story rounds up with hero who has attempted suicide for 28 times and ends up in failure. However then he manages to live with Thambi Raamaiya who is afraid of ghosts. In the movie the person who are possessed by the ghosts will forget their closed ones but the possessed ghosts will be close to whom they loved. In that case the number of four spirits are possessing into hero’s body. In order to overcome the situation hero proceeds to help the ghosts to attain their wish but only at the end the hero comes to know that the possessed ghosts are his family who died in a car accident when he was young. And finally movie ends up with hero realizing rue love and took a picture with his family.

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Movie Review-;

A mix between director Kanmani’s ‘Peigal Jaakirathai’ gives a different spin to the tried and tested horror comedy which has a truly touching climax if you can sit through till The story begins with a  money lender Annachi Thambi Ramaiah.

 Rose Mary haunting him Someone comes up with the idea of hiring a man without fear of anything as body guard and their search leads to Saravanan Jeeva Rathnam an orphan who constantly attempts suicide unsuccessfully. 

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Saravanan convinces Annachi that ghosts don’t exist and this leads him overcome his fears to such an extent that  a now brave Annachi becomes an exorcist.  Meanwhile Saravanan falls in love with the Eshanya daughter of Manobala.

 This has to be who rejects him, causing him to once more attempt suicide by falling into the water from a bridge. Saravanan on the verge of drowning is saved by unknown people and the ghosts of an Old Man.

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 In a middle aged man and woman and teenage girl follow him to the house and terrorize him by asking him to do silly things like eating loads of cake, going around the giant wheel for the whole day, stealing a ring from a DIG and a car owned by a drunkard.  Peigal Jagirathai Movie Stills (19)

The agenda of the ghosts forms a riveting and touching climax. Thambi Ramaiah has got a meaty role as Annachi and he manages to deliver a few laughs here and there with his antics. 

 Jeeva Rathnam is passable as the hero Saravanan he heroine Eshanya does not have much to do. For a film that has Manobala, Black Pandi, Mottai Rajendran and John Vijay in the cast ‘Peigal Jaakirathai’ is quite disappointing in the comedy area as the spontaneity is missing as a whole. Peigal Jagirathai Movie Stills (16)

Director Kanmani can be appreciated for the last fifteen minutes or so when the reason for the ghosts haunting the hero is revealed. There is also a touching scene between John Vijay who plays a suspecting husband and his wife, but it is simply out of place in this film.  Music by Maria Jerald and lyrics by Madhan Karky and Vivekha support the proceedings and especially the climax song draws attention.

Cinematography by Mallikarjun is adequate but is let down by a mediocre screenplay and lead pair who lack charisma.

 Written by : Avinash-B4U Media Rating : 2.5/5