Skyworth Launched OLED & 4K Android Tvs Image’s & News

Skyworth Launched OLED & 4K Android Tvs Image’s & News

Skyworth, A USD 12 billion dollars Asian Conglomerate with Headquarters in Hongkong, draws its pride in relentlessly pursuing its vision statement of “Creating value for its customers” by introducing innovative and state-of-art technology products at the most affordable prices with high regularity.

Skyworth India Electronics Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Skyworth, Skyworth makes  latest technology products simultaneously available, as introduced by Skyworth in the markets of Asia, Europe, Africa and American markets.  Skyworth makes the difference by deviating from the practices other leading brands, who introduce different products in different markets. Skyworth respects all its customers across the globe.


Skyworth was elected as chairman of the unit OLED alliance.

Skyworth was the official partner with Google for Android Technology.

Skyworth  is the top 5th place of  GLOBAL LED TV BRAND.

Skyworth has acquired the Toshiba Indonesia plant.

Skyworth India is pleased to launch its latest range of OLED &4K ANDROID TV’s, to serve the customer needs of Present on going Android smart Trend .

Skyworth India, put up an impressive display of its latest OLED &4K ANDROID TV with latest application, as a testimony of Skyworth’s overwhelming Technology and innovative engineering prowess in the manufacturing and marketing of high quality entertainment electronics and world class home appliances, efficient in any weather condition. Mr.Zhang Shiquan, Jackson expressed his confidence that “such products will have a great success in India, as Indian consumers are highly evolved and appreciative of high technology and quality”. He shared at the press meet that test marketing of showcased futuristic products is currently being done, to pave way for a spectacular launch in near future.

 Mr. Zhang Shiquan, Jackson Managing Director of Skyworth India, said that “If we compare the Skyworth smart sales with FY 2015-16 & FY 2016-17, there is a huge growth in the smart sales, so based on that research, we are launching 4K ANDROID TV with innovative features like Google play store, Voice search Etc. Skyworth always to be a market oriented brand, We wants to provide what the customer requires/needs. To compete with top brands, Skyworth is launching the OLED TV,Which is only 2 brands is having globally. This highly qualified technology speaks about the brand strength.

About OLED TV: –

OLED TV’s are Self- Lighting Pixels  which turn themselves ON and OFF, Generating perfect black where perfect colours come alive. Because the backlighting panel is no longer needed, The design of SKYWORTH OLED can take State of the art technology and make it look like a piece of ART. Experience a display that’s beautiful when it’s off and breathtaking when it’s on, Ultimate slim 5.27mmThe sound of SKYWORTH OLED powered with the luxurious JBL audio system A class and Quality never heard before in the TV category.

About 4K Android TV:-

The world’s most popular Android OS captures 88% share in Smart phone,  Now in Skyworth Android smart TV to customise your digital life.

Real Android TV brings great content to you, so you can spend less time browsing,  and more time watching. If you know what you want, by strongest voice search supports 88 Languages Worldwide along with the National Language “HINDI”use voice search and let TV find it.

Now, TV is not only for enjoying  TV programs but also enjoying various of entertainment like Playing Graffic Games, surf videos & music all over the world. Getting  the content what you want very fast and conveniently,Now it is a new life style.

True Smart brings you to  enjoy beautiful 3D graphic arcade racing, battle and adventure games with instant response. Beautiful 3D graphic makes you immerse into another world and maximize your excitement.

Also he said“In the past 6 years in India Skyworth have introduced LCD, LED, DLED, ELED, 3D, Smart TV’s, 4K UHD, Smart plus, AIR TVs and unveiled that in the upcoming 5 years Skyworth will introduce OLED, 8K Tv’s also highlighted Skyworth’s commitment to advanced engineering and quality standards for product innovation, durability and technology relevance, which enables Skyworth to touch an annual production of 15.5 Million in 2016-17 units across the globe, elevating it to the most enviable position of being 5th largest brand in the world. He suggested that the impeccable quality of   ‘Skyworth makes its customers winner all the time”.

Chief Guest:
Viki Zhou Vice General Manager Skyworth Overseas
Guest of honour:
Mr. Zhang Shiquan,Jackson Managing Director Skyworth India
Warm Regards-Anil kumar. M